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Fuda Night Market, Taipei

6/04/2012 Taiwan Explorer

Fuda Night Market 輔大夜市 (actually Fu Jen Catolic University Flower Garden Tourist Night Market 輔大花園觀光夜市 or short Fuda Tourist Night Market) is a newly opened night market in Taishan, one of New Taipei's western districts. The market is located near Fuda 輔大, one of Taipei's famous private universities. It is therefore no wonder, that most of the stalls are run by young people, while most of the visitors are students from the nearby Fuda University. The night market is not bad, but nothing to special. It's remote location will make it hard to top the popularity of Shida or Shilin.

MY IMPRESSION: I had no idea about this night market before, but my wife heard about it and we decided to head there. It's not easy to find this market, as it's located very far from Taipei's city center, but the new Xinzuang Line makes it a little bit easier Once there, it reminded me of Ruifeng Night Market in Kaohsiung, as both are located on what seems to be a big squarish parking lot. That makes for a resourceful use of space, but it doesn't have a charm of a Shilin or Raohe Night Market, which both have a unique layout and are located next to famous temples.

WHAT KIND OF FOOD IS COMMON: The food is a mix of traditional Taiwanese xiao chi and international food, from Indian to Japanese and beyond. A big part in the center is reserved for stalls, that make steaks on hot plates, a kind of a standard repertoire of every present day night market in New Taipei. The most popular stall is selling waffles or 鬆餅 (sōngbǐng) - the lines were so long, that we had to skip their specialty.

MUST-TRY FOOD AT FUDA NIGHT MARKET: My wife and I only had standard xiao chi, which was good, but nothing to die for. I think, if I ever come again, I would try the waffle, just because I'm curious.

Let me share our photos of Fuda Night Market with you:

Wifey rushing off to the night market.

The big billboard with the name is seen from far away.

It was a Saturday evening, a lot of people on that day despite the rainy weather.

The usual hustle and bustle.

This pig's head caught my attention.


We bought one of these, they were quite nice.

Young couple on a date, perhaps?

One of the busy lanes.


This stall is offering Indian food, wife says.

We tried this wrap, it had meat inside, it was ok.

This wrap was also ok, but I've had better ones.

Japanese street food made us walk further.

Spotted this passionate barbecuer, but did not order one of his delicacies.

The central part is full of steak lovers.

Walking further we saw this busy lane.

These are famous Shenkeng fried tofus. We ordered some.

They were quite nice, one of my all time fav dishes in Taiwan.

Walking further we saw some emptier lanes.

This shop was busy supplying papaya milk drinks.


This stall is run by two cute girls. We stopped by, but didn't try their Japanese snacks.


This is the most popular stall in Fuda. Check the hungry eyes behind the veil.

In the end Taiwan waffle is simply... a waffle.

People standing in long lines just to try Taiwan waffles.

More drinks for the thirsty throats.

Busy vendor and very focused.

Where are all the people?

Oh, they are playing angry birds! But why they don't attack pigs?

This was live bingo!

This was about throwing small circles that almost never get stuck.

Wheels of fortune?

Cute girls fishing shrimps - Taiwanese fav pastime.

It was time to say goodbye to Fuda.

IN CONCLUSION: This might not be my favorite night market, but it wasn't that bad. I'd rate it average. Due to the remote location, I probably won't return here any time soon, but I believe for young people around Taipei it might be an interesting alternative to Shida. The market is vibrant and colorful, but the food is nothing different than what you get elsewhere.

To find the night market, take MRT to Fujen University Station 輔大站 and go out at Exit 1. There is a map in the MRT station, that will show you the right way.

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