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Snow King Ice Cream 雪王冰淇淋, Taipei

12/07/2010 Taiwan Explorer
This is a guest post by Lily Chen

The Snow King ice cream shop from outside.

My boyfriend stayed in Taiwan only 3 months this year, before he had to leave home. So I didn't have enough time to take him to all the interesting places in Taipei. We have to postpone that for the next year. One of the famous places he missed to see, is the ice cream shop Snow King 雪王冰淇淋. It's so interesting, that even Japanese shows come to visit and try their famous ice cream. Taiwan is located at subtropical area, so it's pretty hot during summer, that's why we have all kinds of cold drinks and ice desserts to cool off. My boyfriend said in his previous post about Shing Fa Ting that their shaved ice cream is one of the best kinds among our traditional ice desserts. Besides the shaved ice, we also have a lot of American ice cream stores such as "Cold Stone" and "Big Tom". However, if you get tired of the usual ice cream and want to try something special, I recommend you to visit the Snow King.

It still looks like 1947.

The Snow King ice cream shop is pretty old. They started their business in 1947 and claimed to be the best ice cream shop in Taipei back then. If you think they are just a normal ice cream shop, then you're totally wrong. Do you know how many flavors do they have? Try to guess: 20? 30? More? Actually, they have 73 ice cream flavors! Not only that, at least half of their flavors are a bit crazy and unique and all the ice creams are homemade. Let me introduce some of their own unique flavors they sell:

1. Fruit flavors: Watermelon, carrot, guava, sugar cane, lychee, mulberry, sugar apple
2. Vegetable flavors: Yam, tomato, basil, corn, bitter melon, ginger, taro
3. Liquor flavors: Beer, brandy, Kinmen Kaoliang liquor
4. Tea flavours: Oolong tea, jasmine tea, chrysanthemum, green tea
5. Spicy flavours: Wasabi, curry, pepper, mint
6. Salty flavors: Pig's feet, pork floss, tofu, sesame oil stewed chicken
7. Various flavors: Lotus seeds, ginseng, osmanthus, jujube, rice cake

Crazy, right? I would like to try some crazy flavors, but their ice cream is not cheap, some of the unique kinds cost more than 100 TWD (around 2.5 eur). It's better to come here with your friends, so you can order different flavors and share together. Even though being Taiwanese, I never had the courage to try the salty flavors, but from what I read on local blogs, those flavors weren't so bad at all, but still pretty special. So maybe when my boyfriend comes to visit Taiwan again, I would invite him to try Snow King's crazy ice cream.

If you want to go to the Snow King Ice cream shop, take the train to Ximen MRT station and walk north. Please follow this map to find the directions.

The counter at Snow King's.

The menu. I hope you read Chinese, I'm too lazy to translate this for you.

I had taro stem flavor, my favorite and the shop's classic.

Snow King's famous ice cream from close.

English name: Snow King
Chinese name: 雪王冰淇淋
Romanization: Xüě Wáng bīngqílín
Address: 台北市武昌街一段65號
Phone number: (02) 23 31 84 15
Opening hours: 12.00 - 22.00
Website: www.snowking.com.tw
Money per person: 60-120 NT$
Need to book: No.
Find location: Google maps

Tired of normal ice cream? Come to Snow King, challenge your own taste!

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